Hello! Welcome to my little section of the net! My name is Emma and here is a little about me.... well lets see. I stay at home with my lovely children full time and as of Christmas break 2013 we are officially a homeschooling family. Married to an amazing military man for 8 years now. Enjoying our new home and finding out all our new area has to offer is making for some great adventures.

As a family we love to watch movies, play games, and go bowling. We are all a little scared to be taking on this journey of homeschooling but since both my husband and myself where homeschooled we feel we are a little bit more prepared for the task at hand. I'm sure there will be many ups and downs but I know that God is with us through it all. 

RizzyRoo is 8 years old and in the 3nd grade and loves to read, paint, learn new things, play with her American Girl doll, and of course loves nail polish! 
Goals for 2014: 
1. Read the Bible every day
2. Have more family outings to the Theater 
3. Work on having a great attitude 

Goober is 6 years old and is in 1st grade. He loves cars, action figures, supper heroes, painting, new socks, and driving his sister whom he loves so much up a wall! 
Goals for 2014:
1. Read the Bible every day
2. Have more family outings to the bowling alley
3. Work on doing chores without complaint 

~All photos above taken by Tessa Thompson Photography



  1. How cute your family is!! Tessa, I love your blog and hope to come back for a visit. I try to return comments to bloggers who stop in and say 'Hi' and that way I know where to spend my time commenting and go deeper not wider...God bless you as you embark on the wonderful journey of homeschooling! We are in Indiana and my husband and I are on the IAHE Board and in charge of the annual HS convention. If you are in the Midwest, we'd love to see you here on March 28-29. here's the link to the happenings: http://www.iahe.net/
    God bless you!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read my blog! (Tessa is the photographer who took these amazing photos, not me.) If we are ever out that way I will check it out!

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